Free Spinal Screen

A free 15-minute spinal screen is available where you have the opportunity to discuss your problem with the chiropractor. You are under no obligation to begin treatment but if the chiropractor feels they may be of help, they may recommend a formal consultation. You will not be required to change out of your clothes.

Your First Visit

During your first visit the chiropractor will ask you questions about your problem, while also discussing your medical history and lifestyle.

The chiropractor will then examine you. Using various neurological and orthopedic tests and palpating (touching) your spine or the area of your problem. You will have the opportunity to wear a gown during the examination and for any future treatment.

All this information allows the chiropractor to make a diagnosis of your problem which will be explained to you in simple terms.

If your problem is something which the chiropractor feels they may be able to help a treatment plan will be recommended which will be tailored to you.

If your problem is something which the chiropractor feels they can not treat or if more information is needed a referral will be made to your own GP or private scans requested.

At all times you will have to opportunity to ask questions.

FREE 15 minute spinal screens available

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