What we do

At First Health Chiropractic we use a selection of different manipulative techniques to help reduce your pain, getting you back to feeling normal. These may include.

Diversified technique

This is the typical chiropractic adjustment with produces the “crack” noise when realigning dysfunctional joints of the body. The technique is very effective and has stood the test of time.

Medical Acupuncture also known as dry needling

Sterile needles are used to help loosen tight muscular knots known as trigger points through increasing local blood flow. Usually quite a pain free experience.

Massage and trigger point therapy

This is soft tissue massage which relaxes tight muscles, ligaments and tendons and uses firm pressure to reduce specific muscular knots known as trigger points.

Arthrostim and Activator

These are hand held instruments which deliver a gentle impulse to loosen tight muscles and joints. Very useful for the young and older patients.

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